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The Face of Rejection

I can't say I've met anyone who likes rejection.  I mean, who likes to hear you didn't get the part, or you're not good enough, or not cute enough, or not righteous enough, or __________.   No one. 

In fact, rejection is something I tend to protect myself from.  Rejection to me sounds a lot like the word "failure".  Another word I dislike..... a lot.  Me and failure have this thing.  I avoid it - I'm scared of it, and if I sit quietly long enough I think it forgets about me.  So I just sit quiet, not doing anything too crazy, or anything that stretches me too much because heaven forbid Failure found me again.  Sure, we all "fail" daily, right, but I'm talking the big failure kind.  The kind where you stick your neck out, you let yourself and ideas and talents hang in the wind blowing around so vulnerable.  You put your heart on the line, put all your effort and yet - you've FAILED. 

Are they similar - failure and rejection?  Definition …

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